Trying Something New

Hey guys! I was feeling like I had a lot on my chest so I decided to sit in front of a camera and word vomit. I will try to post something else soon. Hope everyone is having a great summer and let me know if you enjoyed the video.

Wake-Up Call

So I haven't posted on this blog in a while. My health condition got very complicated and I decided that I wanted to take the time to allow myself to just be a patient. I was tired of being an advocate for anyone other than myself, I was tired of life not being fair. And the world let me. I have health insurance through my parents, I was able to live at home and take the time to rest and heal. I had time to see all my specialists and figure out a specific healthcare plan that would work for me, and I also started seeing a therapist to help me develop a mental health care plan for things didn't work out. I eventually started attending school again. I had the privilege to check out and focus on me and I knew that there were enough people paying attention that I'd be ok.

Well if today wasn't a wake-up call I don't know what is.

Last night Donald Trump became the president-elect of the United States of America. I had joked about this being a possibility with friends an…

The Emergency Room

So like 3 weeks ago I wrote this blog post about how I was all ready to fight the "dragons" and the universe was like "LOL really???" and I got a fever. So you know.... Irony or whatever. I got another Klebsiella infection so I had to go to the emergency room and I spent like 4 days in the hospital on big doses of different antibiotics and steroids. And Klebsiella is a really tough bug. Every time I get it it manages to throw me through the ringer. And then it was thanksgiving so it took me a while to have the energy and peace of mind to write a blog post. So here is my overdue blog post about dealing with emergency rooms.
So a couple of weeks before I ended up in the emergency room I read this really interesting article by this guy who recently had to experience the hell that is the emergency room with his wife while she suffered in pain for hours. His article was filled with scared frustration as he and his wife were basically ignored while she was feeling the mo…


Once upon a time there was a girl. She was loved by all of her friends and family and despite a complicated health condition she lived her life with a smile. She loved to read and write and watch tv and tried to use her experiences to help others. The girl was pretty bad about procrastination and time management but otherwise had a fair number of readers that found her tales helpful. Then the girl left her small tight nit village to go seek an education in the Great Kingdom of the University to Maryland. There the girl met some amazing friends and teachers and she learned a lot. Despite everything the girl was able to live on her own and be like every other person her age. The girl returned home for the winter season filled with hope and excitement for the new year. As 2014 came to a close the girl couldn't wait for her next adventure to begin.
But rather than the adventure she expected, the girl faced a very different kind of obstacle. As the clock struck twelve on the night of t…

Hiatus Explained

Well... things have changed a little. So a couple years ago I created this blog in an attempt to share my experiences of "living life with a medical condition" and to share any tips or knowledge that I have gained through my many years of experience. For a while that's exactly what I did. I told stories of hospitalizations and making up school work, and gave advice about talking to doctors and staying organized. I enjoyed the experience of writing what was going on in my life and I liked the idea that people I had never met could be helped or affected by my stories. I'm gonna be honest and say I wasn't great at posting on a regular basis - being a teenager in high school with homework and procrastination issues are to thank for that. But I tried my best and generally was able to write at least one story a month. As I started college I got behind in my writing as I was inundated with homework, a new social life, and dealing with my medical condition in the "r…

Long Time No Post

Hey everyone!! Long time no post huh? Since starting college I have been posting much less frequently and was using a timed upload (basically it means that i would write like 3 posts and then they would update on a time over the course of a couple weeks.) Apparently though they didn't actually upload so I have been missing from this blog for like 4 ish months....whoops! I'm trying to track down these posts because they seem to not have saved properly but in the meantime I thought i'd give everyone an update on my life.
I started college four months ago!! It has been crazy and terrifying and sooo much fun. I have met so many nice people and have learned how to live by myself with my medical condition. In the beginning I was convinced something and was going to happen but I have made it through my first semester with no terrible medical things happening. In fact this had been one of the healthiest periods of time in my life because I am able to adjust my schedule around my m…

TFIOS Part 2: A REALLY Good Book!

If you read my last blog post you know that I was talking a lot about the movie "The Fault In Our Stars" or TFIOS. I talked about how one of the reasons I connect with the book so much is that i've had my own share of some of the things they talk about, such as hospital visits and bad nurses. One recent example was the midnight hospital run. In the book, the main character, Hazel wakes up in extreme pain and screams for her parents who come running in and then an ambulance comes and she wakes up in the hospitals ICU (intensive care unit) a day or so later. Hazel is crying and screaming and her parents are really worried. When I was sitting in the theater watching this scene unfold it was almost too real. Watching her go through this sent me back to every time i've woken up with a high fever and chills in the middle of the night.
I had the chance to compare fiction to reality last week when I woke up with a fever. For those of you that have never had a central line in…